Electro heated glass Thermo Glass EU

this is 80% heat preservation technology.

Thanks to our IR heated double-glazed window technology you will be able to keep the heat inside and make your home more cosy!

The power consumption while continuously maintaining the « Anti-condensate » mode (glass temperature 22-25 C)
is only 25-40 W / m2 (1 window = 1 energy-saving light bulb)

About technology

8 Reasons to order heated glass windows

Thermo Glass EU technology tempered glass can warm up till very high temperatures and can be used as effective heating source in the premises. Double-glazed heated glass windows provide an excellent light-transmittance because they are completely transparent. Glass surface obtain great selective characteristics due to invisible metal oxide conductive layer.

Electric heated glass main advantages:
  • There is no “cold window” effect
  • Reduces heat energy loss to a minimum
  • Сompatibility with “Smart House” and alarm systems
  • Anti-condensate effect
  • Work as both the main heating source or additional source of heating
  • Heating system
    Thermo Glass EU heated glass can be used as main or additional heating system. It also helps to save extra space for interior design ideas.
  • Anti-condensate
    You can forget about condensate with Thermo Glass EU technology. The temperature on the surface of the window glass is always above the dew point, therefore condensate formation is just impossible on the window surface.
  • Comfort
    When the temperature outside is much lower than inside, you can experience the so called “cold window effect”. Thermo Glass EST heated glass is a great solution to this problem and will create an additional comfort zone in your home.
  • Selectivity features
    A special coating gives the heating glass unit selective properties: whilst cold, heat is reflected back into the room, and during the hot season the window glass prevents heat from entering the house.
  • Security features
    Thermo- conductive glass coating works as an intrusion sensor and can be connected directly to smart home systems.
  • Anti-interception system
    Thanks to it's conductive coating, Thermo Glass EST glass enables sound proofing of the premises. Carried out using the directional laser beam.
  • Anti-icing effect
    Eliminates the accumulation of snow on the window surface. There is the possibility to heat the window inward and outward simultaneously.
  • Strength
    Tempered glass is capable of sustaining very heavy loads. Therfore, tempered glazing can be used to create any vertical, horizontal or inclined surfaces.

Range of use

There are so many options to use heated glass technology window systems

Translucent heated glass structures are an ideal solution for glazing residential and commercial premises, such as glass facades, balconies, porches and conservatories. Heated glass is great to use for large panoramic windows and the configuration can be unique for each project, it all depends on the interior design idea and architectural space configuration (please check our gallery).


Electric heated glass Thermo Glass EU can be used with any window profile system

Electric heated glass Thermo Glass EST can be assembled with any window system and any profile system (Wood, PVC, Aluminium). Due to the transparent conductive layer you can achieve even heating of the glass surface.

There is no need to remove old windows!!! We can replace just the glass sections and it will always be warm and cosy in your house!

There is no need to use power converter units. Window system can be connected directly to 220 V

  • Wooden profiles
    Wooden profiles
  • Aluminium profiles
    Aluminium profiles
  • PVC profiles
    PVC profiles

Get a special quote for installation of Thermo Glass electrically heated window systems. Get a special gifts and discounts ordering more than 5 m2 of heat loss resistant Thermo Glass!


Over the years we have completed many successful projects.

Heating System Solution for your home with no breaking into interior design and comfortably keeping maximum heat inside the premises.

  • Installation of heated glass into the window sashes
  • Window glass temperature adjustment
  • Anti-condensate effect in swimming pools
  • Panoramic glazing
  • Winter garden with heated windows
  • The heated glass technology use in shipbuilding industry.
  • Heated bus stop shelters
  • Thermo Glass EST Building and Construction Trade Show 2018 Tartu
  • Heated Triplex Canopies.
  • Roof lanterns made of heated triplex Thermo Glass EST


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